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Slappy is by skaters, for skaters. It is a creative outlet in which we can let our passion for skateboarding run totally wild. Just like skating should be: NO RULES! And part of the creativity and fun is our D.I.Y approach that allow us to turn whatever ideas we have into reality - whether it be making a contraption for branding the boards, screen printing whatever graphic ideas we have and trying out new stuff all the time. So, basically, we want Slappy to be resonating with its environment, rather than dictating, by involving skaters and getting their feedback. And one of our main objectives aside from all the personal fun is to grow the skate scene and get as many people skating as possible.

The adventure of Slappy Skate Co. started in 2014. The prices of skateboard decks being sold in South Africa did not justify the quality. Skateboards need to be affordable at the highest possible quality in order to advance skateboarding in South Africa and beyond. Consequently, numerous boards were tested from the most reputable suppliers all across the globe to ensure a high-quality product. In a sense, it was the search for good wood: durable with lasting pop and shapes to match the varying preferences of skaters. And we found it - from the very same suppliers that manufacture the most well-known brands. There is no reason to be complacent, however, and we continue to sample skateboard decks to ensure we have the finest offering available for riders.

But skateboarding is about more than high-quality boards. It is about raw creativity, a means to experience the unknown and express oneself through individuality and the art of shredding, while having as much fun as possible. We wanted skateboarders to have a say by involving them not only in sampling of our boards, but also in the design of graphics. From the outset, we would be differentiated through the screen printing of graphics, just like they originated back in the 60s. Creative people provide us with illustrative ideas, which we then turn into reality through perfected screen-printing methods.

This is the essence of Slappy Skate Co.: Quality, affordability and screen printing artwork that skateboarders can associate with. It’s all about having a product that connects with the core of skateboarding and enable skateboarders to enjoy every push of the journey. Skateboarding is our passion and this is our contribution to help it progress.

But, in the end, skateboards should speak for themselves. So, embrace the experience. Get out there, meet-up with friends and GO SKATE!